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Some of my top Old School

    99 1/2
      Carol Lynn Townes

    James Brown is Dead
      LA Style

    Unexpected Lovers

    On The Loose

    Forever Amour
     In Effect

    French Kiss
      Lil Louis

    Rock To The Beat
      Reese & Santonio

    Get Down Everybody
      Holy Noise

    Everyday is Halloween

    Join In the Chant
      Nitzer Ebb

Mixing in the 80's & 90's as Special FX ALX, the old school music dj, now going by DJ Geezer, has risen from life support to reunite with the current music scene. Don't forget your roots but look to the future by integrating old and new in one music orgy. Special thanks to DJ-Spin, Pump Boy Lee, DJ 4BZ and Tripple J for their help with the resurrection.

If you want to hear any songs (general old school music , freestyle &
heartthrob, house, techno, breakdance, etc.) in upcoming mixes,
email me your list and I'll consider adding to the playlist
or doing a whole separate mix

Across the globe, in other parts of the world....
Current Projects:

  • Old School music mixes (currently available on site)

  • Bodybuilding & fitness show music remixes

  • Cheerleading competition music remixes

  • Special purpose song remixes

  • Internet radio mixes

  • Live dance/club mixing


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