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      OS = Old School
2011 - OS New Wave / Alternative
2011 - OS - House / Hip House

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Geezer Bio
I was inspired to DJ the first time I saw Georgie Porgie doing a gig in 1983. I was fortunate to know him and get a "back-stage" perspective of the wheels of steel.

After seeing the Hot Mix 5 performing with the Cover Girls and some other groups at a large WBMX dance party at Chicago's Navy Pier (around 1985/86), I was convinced that 'spinning' was for me.

In 1987, I started a mobile DJ company, while at the same time doing club gigs under the name Special Fx ALX. Back when WBMX was the defacto mix station, and B96 was competing with Z95 for the Chicago airwaves, I was spinning at Chicago clubs such as Bagwells, PS Chicago, Eddie Rockets, Fiddlesticks, Prime Minister and other suburban and downtown clubs, as well as guest appearances at clubs in Miami, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Hedonism II Jamaica, and other international venues. In addition, I was starting guest spots on local college radio stations with members of my mix crew, TFC (The Final Chapter).

After an extended break from the music scene, I spent time in the real world and realized that music and DJing would always be a part of my life. I vowed to get back on the path of the righteous, and start spinning again. After almost 10 years off, the now geezer has risen from life support to reunite with the current music scene.

Don't forget your roots but look to the future by integrating old and new in one music orgy. I have since begun the journey of getting back to one of the few places outside of family that I truly experienced a love transcending anything phyiscal - MUSIC.

Current projects include short song remixes for shows, competitions, etc. & my mp3 mixes for download.

Enjoy the mixes as there are many more to come...and look for me in clubs once again one day soon...



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